125 Images

So somehow I have decided to post an image a day for 125 days…I’m not sure why but I just sort of started doing it and now I am committed to giving it a try. I’m a dancer by trade and have zero visual arts training, but I have always felt connected to something “other” when I draw. I drew a picture of the house I am currently living in months before I ever saw it. Not that these current images I am drawing are wishes exactly…more like moments – something I saw or experienced or an image that came through meditations or dreams. And they are immediate – something special that happened within the past 24 hours of drawing them. It’s a way to get the images out of my head and physically into the world, and to stay more present at the same time. I think I also want to put something else out there for awhile, something other than dance, something visual in a different way. So the disclaimer is that I do not claim quality, but I do claim heart and spirit, nothing more, nothing less for 125 days.

In addition to the 125 Images project, I am attempting to create little works to go along with my posts instead of stock photos – unless there is a really good reason…like a Dior ballgown:) The above disclaimer applies to these works as well. So enjoy – check in frequently to see where the journey is taking me – and feel free to use any of them if you choose – I can’t imagine why you would choose to but by all means do so if you wish…all I ask is a shout out to The Bloom Studio if you can.

This has been my favorite out of the first seven…Wings #2

Butterfly Knit

This butterfly is part of a large, family style blanket I am currently making and when I am finished I will have knit over 125,757 stitches not counting the border…I’m a little under half way done and hope to finish sometime around my birthday in June – just in time for the 90 degree weather…hit me up if you want the pattern.