Drive by falcons…

My sons and I decided to go out onto our front porch for a snack late this morning to take in a little sunshine and do some reading/drawing/scootering/general yard-playing good times. We were enjoying all of those things, AND then, out of the blue, we were visited by two beautiful peregrine falcons, bringing all of our laid-back activity to a screeching halt. The falcons flew around our house for about ten minutes and then the larger of the two (female – I’ve read) dived down to street level straight for us and flew within about 15 feet. Amazing and so, so very beautiful! We were completely entranced – Riley set out an old bird cage hoping to catch one (ha!) and Mac filled up the birdbath and set out grapes hoping they might choose to stay…

The bird activity over the last few months has been incredible around the house – a flurry of activity all over our yard. Gorgeous cardinals, woodpeckers, robins, and a whole host of others I can’t identify, as well as, lots of little blackbirds. I’ve seen hawks and eagles off and on over the last year. AND over the last two weeks, I have encountered four herons flying directly over my house and heading down to the James River – all separate experiences. So lots and lots of bird energy around lately (more so than last spring) and then this beautiful gift today of the falcons to share with my sons. Needless to say it has been big news and somehow we ended up deciding we need a house dragon…I think there is a connection although I am not completely sure what it is:)

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