It’s been a year and I am still in L.O.V.E. with DIOR from 2011/2012

I’m hooked. I am still, still, still, in love with this collection from Dior Fall Winter 2011/2012. I still watch it all the time. The romance, the vixen-ness, the richness, the capes, the pantaloons, the femininity, the beauty, the boots and booties, the hats, the accessories, the KNITS…Yup, still hooked. I am less a fan of the airy, short dresses and I’m not crazy about the strappy, open shoes, but the heavier garments, I am all in. I need the coat at minute 1:05. NEED. STAT. I’ll wear it next winter and um, forever…clearly my love is sticking around. And obviously the whole thing is a witch-fest, and I say that with the highest praise and adoration…

Christian Dior Fall Winter 2011/2012

Dior Website

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