125 Images Project – Update #1

25 images drawn – 100 to go!

For those of you just joining in, I have committed to posting 125 hand drawn images in 125 days. I am a dancer by trade, and have zero visual arts training…unless of course you count my high school art class where the kid next to me liked to smoke joints…in class. So you can’t really count that.

Here is the story of the project…

On the morning of May 15, I had a seizure that lasted 15 minutes. In that time, I was still. I did not shake, but was unconscious for the duration. I was with my youngest son when it happened – in his classroom, helping him paint. I came to in the ambulance on the way to the emergency room, with no idea of what happened. I am currently being tested for a whole host of things, but as it relates to this project, all you really need to know is that I could draw stick figures before May 15, and now, I can sort of draw, and the images are coming to me fast and furious.

Four days after the seizure, I woke up and started drawing. I drew a couple of things, one being a nest with an egg in it. I think it took me less than a minute to draw, and for whatever reason I liked it – it sort of actually looked like what I wanted it to look like, and on a whim, I snapped a photo of it and posted it. The next day, I found myself doing the same thing. Drawing, snapping, posting. And again on the next day…and by the end of the week, I created the 125 Images Project. It just sort of happened, and I am going with it.

All of the drawings are by hand. I don’t pencil sketch before, and I don’t trace – I draw in pen, and usually quickly. I try not to think too much about it, and just feel my way through the lines. Over the 25 days, I’ve grown attached to a certain kind of pen, and a certain kind of paper. There are definite themes emerging in the images, although I’m trying to keep flowing through them, and not get bogged down with any kind of empirical rules or expectations. I have no standard for greatness which is amazing, and often the drawings are pretty bad, but that is freeing too. It’s an experiment, and it’s awesome! The first house dragon attempt looks like a vomiting iguana-fish that hasn’t slept in a long, long time (that was supposed to be fire he is breathing – mer…), but I am rather pleased with the different wings I’ve drawn. I like the moons too.

The end of the 125 days ends on the autumn equinox – September 22.

The disclaimer is that I do not claim quality, but I do claim heart and spirit, nothing more, nothing less for 125 days.

If you would like to read a little bit more about the 125 Images Project, here is the announcement.


If you would like to see all of the first 25 images, here is the link.


And this is my favorite out of the latest batch…


  1. Amazing! Beautiful! It’s fringe, it’s not medical, but there is a theory “out there” that intuition and creativity is a function of the right side of the brain, and sometimes a high fever (or maybe seizure) can open the pathways of communication between right and left via the corpus collosum (forgive me if I spelled that wrong). “They” say that enhance communication makes it easier to execute some types of creativity…and may account for some psychic and artistic “gifts”. Whether that’s true or not, you are doing a beautiful thing with the experience and images that have been given to you! Nothing like a project like this to open up a new skill in any case. I posted blogs on all the tarot cards…and it was a window to confidence, and skill and ideas I never thought possible. I hope this project opens vistas of beauty and happiness for you…and those of us lucky enough to see your artwork!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind, and insightful words. You are always a fountain of good information – things I need to know when I need to hear them. I have heard of this theory, and as much as I would like to have a clear answer to what’s going on with me, I think it was probably more of a breakthrough than anything else…it’s definitely leading me somewhere:) I love that you posted a blog about each of the tarot cards – that’s amazing, inspiring and just very cool!

    1. Thanks for your kind words:) I’m a fan of both your beautiful work and your work ethic – truly inspiring, and I am looking forward to keeping up with what you are working on.

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