Hello to All the New Visitors!

Thank you so much for stopping by The Bloom Studio! I am so happy you are here – here are the latest projects and posts to check out, and please add a comment, letting me know you stopped by:)

125 Images Project…125 hand-drawn images in 125 days…ending on the Autumn Equinox, September 22, 2012. Click below for the latest update and to see the first 26 images….

125 Images Project – Update #1

1st 26 images of the 125 Images Project

Please sign up to the left to follow my progress through the images by subscribing to The Bloom Studio or join me on Twitter where I post images daily…@jillbware

I am happy to report I rode my bike all the way to work today! Woot! I rock! If you would like to know why I am currently biking to work, please check out the following posts…

A Proposed LMN Music Montage

Humility and My New B-Day Sympathy Bike

If you like glitter and witches, please check these spells and posts….

Glitter Spells

If you like letters, please check out these two…

Letters to my Heart

Letters to the Moon

If you like fashion, please click here…

All Things Beautiful

There’s lot of other stuff too so please browse at will, and stop by often:) Muchos love to you!

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