And the t-shirt making begins…

Yesterday I made 15 t-shirts/tanks using the images from the 125 Images Project and one watercolor for a photo shoot for the project today. So exciting!

And I’ve made it just past the half way point in the images – just a mere 61 drawings to go. Cake.

Here are some pre-shoot prep shots….

Women’s tees and tanks

Tee for guys! (the fish is on the back, hitting between the shoulder blades)

Tees for my little boys!


More tees for little ones – they love archery this year at camp20120722-143122.jpg

Watercolor!20120722-143131.jpgMoon:) (The key is on the back of the white shirt to the left)


    1. Thank you! These were the first attempts, and they were so much fun to work on. My kids love their shirts and are barraging me with really amazing ideas for more! I believe a family business is being born. Now onto researching screen printing, and production…

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