100th Image!!!!!!!!

Yes, yes, yes people – I have drawn and posted 100 images with only 25 more to go! Not all have been wonderful. Some have been truly awful, but every once in awhile I have struck upon something lovely, effortless even. For this, the support, and for the whole of the experience, I am profoundly grateful, and still deeply inspired. The above image is one of my favorite of the latest batch.

Through this project I have had many plans, and I thought I would be in a much different place by now. Another hospital visit derailed my initial momentum, and new strategies (better) have emerged. I was really sick for awhile, but I kept drawing through it. For this, I am very proud. It wasn’t easy, but once my heart makes up its mind, I’m loyal to the end. To dig down deep and offer this loyalty to myself meant more than I can ever say.

Oh the dramatics! But yes, that is me, in the hospital…with tubes sticking out of me…drawing…I’m feeling much better, and on the mend, so no worries there.  And thanks to Marshall for adding the pretty princess pink border on this photo…it amps up the pathetic quotient nicely:) Moving on…

My intent is to finish this project quietly, and really enjoy that I did it. After the dust settles a bit, I will begin the process of editing the work into various places, and explore screen printing – t-shirts, notecards, prints, ect. A kickstarter project to publish a book of the works, and the philosophies behind the project will follow in the fall. I hope to do a small gallery showing of the images next spring, and then sell them maybe. I’m not sure about selling them just yet, but we’ll see. But the real news, at least in my way of thinking, is the planning of the next 125 Images.

Drum roll, please…

The next 125 Images Project will begin on November 15, 2012. It will end on March 20, 2013 on the Spring Equinox. This project will be based on portraits and pencils, and I am scared to death. I can’t draw a face to save my life, and this fear of mine means I am all in for giving it a try, and learning my way through it. The plan is to photograph different people I meet, ask them if it would be alright to draw them, gather their contact info, draw their portrait, photograph the drawing, post it and send them the link. If they have given me their street address, I will mail them a print of the portrait too. But wait, there must be a witchy perspective here yes? Yes! For each portrait, I will replace or add a feature with something else that I see in their spirit – flowers for eyes, butterflies for ears, antlers, halos, fish for necks…you get the idea. Also, calling them portraits is probably a great stretch – they will still exist as images, or impressions, and maybe it won’t even be their face, but maybe their hands, or something else about them. As usual, I will keep the time to do the drawings short and flowing – quick sketches. The other new thing with this project is that I will do the images in pencil – both standard sketching pencils, and colored pencils if the need arises. Very exciting:)

This first project ends on September 22 – the fall equinox, and I plan on celebrating with my family. And after I have celebrated, I am going to enjoy not drawing everyday for awhile until I start up again in November. Instead, I will focus on my writing, knitting, and painting. I received a new set of professional grade watercolors, and real brushes that I have just begun to experiment with – woot! A major upgrade from my travel watercolor kit, and my kid’s extra paint brushes. It will be lovely to get back to writing spells, knitting my designs, finishing my flower keys, and painting this traveling/temple project I have in mind…

One of my favorite bloggers, Ronda Snow from Modern Oracle, and The Vampire Diet posted this quote by Robert Frost a few weeks ago, and it has been in the forefront of my mind ever since.

“A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom.”

I think Mr. Frost is referring to the reading of a poem in this quote, but I prefer to think of his words in terms of the writing of a poem. When I first read this quote (thanks Ronda!), I inserted the word “creation” for “poem”, and in that light, it described my current head space perfectly. It’s now become a bit of a marker to measure what I am doing…Will this delight me? Will this lead to wisdom? Yes? Awesome! DO IT! I like these thoughts very much. A beautiful place to inhabit  – free, capable, in delight, and filled with wisdom from the going-through. Yes, I believe I’ll keep going. And no, not much will stop me.

To see all 100 Images, please click here – 125 Images Project Archives


      1. I can easily say the same about you! That’s the beautiful thing about the internet, it connects like minds and like paths so we can encourage each other along the way. Thank you for encouraging my inner glitter witch 😉

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