1. I think he is part puppy, part dragon which makes me laugh – he was meant to be so much more ferocious…but I like the way he turned out. Everyone should have a happy house dragon standing guard:)

      1. Totally!

        Have you ever seen the Pixar movie “Meet the Robinsons”? The T-Rex in it has that same puppy quality. The movie is a blast as a whole…I love the way they teach failure is learning…nothing to be feared, something to be cheered šŸ™‚

      2. Yes! We love “Meet the Robinsons” in our house – very sweet movie – I have two sons who are in constant invention mode, so it resonates deeply:) My sons decided that we needed a house dragon way back in May when the project first started, and so I knew that I wanted to work on creating one. I wasn’t happy with my first two attempts, but I like this one very much. He is also the only drawing in red – I must have known he was a keeper! Red means soul, home, and luck to me. A perfect dragon to guard my family, and keep us safe…or jump in our laps and lick us…essentially the same thing:) Wishing you well – I am hoping to catch up on my blog reading this weekend and look forward to seeing what you have been working on. Smiles to you!

      3. Red really is perfect. We are big fans of Chinese Culture here. My husband and I met in Kung Fu class, used to teach it, and still do Tai Chi. Red is the color of luck, good fortune, protection…all the good stuff that is associated with lucky dragons šŸ™‚ Your new froggie prince is SOOO cute too!!

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