125 Images Project Gallery – The Pen & Ink Series 5/20/12 – 9/22/12

The 125 Images Project was born back in May of this year, and consisted of drawing an image in pen and ink, and posting it everyday on The Bloom Studio blog for 125 days. The series concluded on the Autumn Equinox, and here are all 125 images from all 125 days. I learned a great many things with this project, and I will post something about the process after it has all sunk in a bit more. Please click on any image to start the photo viewer. It’s very snazzy.

The bow and arrow drawing has been by far the most searched for image I have created – almost every day someone goes hunting for it on the web…so ironic, and crazy. Probably due to The Hunger Games. I actually drew it for my sons who took archery this summer, but I’ve read The Hunger Games and I’m cool with that too.

The next project begins on Novemeber 15, 2012, and will center around portraits, pencils and symbols. The project will carry on for 125 days, a portrait a day, and end on the Spring Equinox, March 20, 2012. A lovely trip to Paris with my favorite cousin (hi Jenn!) happens during this project in November, so that should be interesting, as I plan on drawing people everyday…so you have french people portraits to look forward to. If you would like me to draw you, a friend, or family member, please send me a photo or a link to the photo via email (address found above) and I will add you to the list:) Keep in mind, I am using the word “portrait” loosely – the work will still be imagistic, and quick – I will still churn them out daily. I’m looking for glimpses of spirit to start connecting what I know about symbolism, and image to what is there inside others….I’m looking so forward to it!

In the interim, I will be creating lots of watercolors, knitting a gazillion scarves and hats, designing t-shirts, bike riding, moon bathing, dancing/choreographing in Denver, studying tarot, and writing things for books, writing and casting spells, and just writing…oh, and resting, lots of resting. And eating, lots of eating. Oh, and just being, lots of just being.


    1. Thank you, Scott! I read this today and thought of you about the same time you were posting this comment…”The dreams of youth are neither contained nor banished, the dreamer wakes by the river.” Appropriate for both of us I think:)

  1. You are amazing! I don’t understand all of it but I am wiling to listen. The spells and the witch parts I need an explanation…that is if you don’ mind. The drawings are wonderful!!! I would love to have you do something special for me with some of them…..I am absolutely blown away…..love you!!!!

    1. Hi Mom! Yes, some explaining is probably in order. We can talk later, but until then, spells are really prayers with a touch more drama and glitter:) And yes, I’ll figure out something special with the images for you. Very sweet of you to leave a comment, and I love you too!

  2. Congratulations, Jill! I can’t decide which is my favourite. There are so many that I really like! But I love the story you told about the blessings, so I am particularly attracted to those images. And also all the moon images. I am looking forward to you next images project.


    1. Thank you for being on the journey with me. I like the blessings too mostly because I learned so much drawing them – they were intense! And the moons – always something to learn with the moon:) Blessings to you!

  3. Jill,

    You know how I have loved so many of these images. I’m a little sad to see this project end but then I recall that change is our only constant and is a good thing. And sure enough, I read the following posts and see your watercolor work and the great dancing and choreography opportunities just ahead and think, that’s it. If we are open and ready and strong, each moment is its own treasure. No need to mourn what’s past- look at what’s right here, right now.

    This project was a great chapter in your amazing journey. I’m just grateful that you are sharing it with us.

    Thank you.


    1. Tom, Thank you for this kind and thoughtful comment. The world presents itself perfectly whether we recognize it as such or not – things end, things begin. Your insight that each moment is its own treasure is precisely how I feel these days – a turn, a new day, a new life and this pen and ink series was a big part of pulling out of the past and into the present. I am very excited about these current projects. A little nervous to perform and choreograph again, but excited too. And I am over the moon to begin the next 125 Images Projects in November. I have so many things I want to do and there is just not enough hours in the day! A good problem to have for certain.

      Wishing you the best in all of your creative endeavors, or just your endeavors for that matter. Thanks again for checking back in – many, many blessings to you. Jill

  4. Hi Jill, what a fantastic outcome to a great project, such lovely drawings. It would make for an interesting book. It’s very inspiring to see you commit to 125 days and get to the end. Looking forward to following the next one that starts in November. The very best of luck to you. And thanks.

    1. I would like to put this project into a book – it’s definitely on my to-do list. Thanks so much for your kind comment and for checking out the project. I am excited for the next one to start as well – nervous a bit too but in a good way:) I checked your blog out today and your work is really fantastic. I look forward to checking in often. Thanks again!

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