A Weekend of Superheroes, Lounging like Sloths, Water Colors, and Bike Rides

20121001-162713.jpgThis past weekend was amazing! We did not have a single thing to do on Saturday – not a one of us. This rarely happens, and it was awesome. We spent the day in our pjs watching old Justice League cartoons, water coloring, reading, hanging out, eating, playing with legos/cars, and lounging around like sloths. Peaceful, warm, and lovely all around. We ended the day with a delicious dinner, and watched The Avengers with homemade popcorn thus bringing our day of superheros/lounge slothing to an action packed close. Or at least sort of, Riley, my youngest son, passed out midway through the movie sprawled out in my lap…so snuggly and wonderful, especially since I am unsure when another one of these days will come around.

Sunday was a little busier. I rehearsed with Amaranth Contemporary Dance in the morning, and went for a bike ride with my oldest son, Mac, in the afternoon. Riley made caramel apples with his Dad while Mac and I were out on our adventure. Once home, Riley and I water colored for a while, before having breakfast dinner made by Marshall (Dad)  – another favorite thing to do on the weekends…Sunday night breakfast dinner – yummy! I love these kinds of weekends.

And although it is Monday (bah!), I have managed to find music for my new work in Denver, finish writing a report, and purchase my plane tixs to Paris! Yes, Paris! What promised to be a not-so-easy week, is brightening considerably:) Yay me!
So because I spent lots of time water coloring this weekend, here is update #2. I deepened the blue, although I’m about to start adding other colors to the water to add ripples – it needs to go much, much deeper and swirlier. I worked on the fish a bit, added color to the skirt and the flowers, and began adding more depth to the trees. I mixed the purple myself, and felt very proud of the tone! One step, then the next. Onwards to skin color and lantern light…I’ve lost count of the layers, but there  have been many, with many more to go.


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