1. I wouldn’t say fully in the works, but it is definitely a dream of mine. These three wands came about from both you and a beautiful moment, if the rest of the cards want to pop up like this one did, I am more than happy to draw them:) And then of course you would have to write the meanings…(She asked hopefully?) Maybe something to think about:) Wishing you a Happy Lunar New Year and a beautiful Year of the Snake!

      1. Are you serious? Collaborate on a Tarot deck? I would LOVE it! As you post the pics, I’ll meditate on the meanings…we CAN do this! 😀

        Do you have a title in mind?

        James Reiklef (@asknighthawk on twitter) has published his own deck…I wonder if he would be willing to give tips to a pair of rookies?

        I’m thinking a “Glitter Witch” deck…what better way for you to publish your magical wisdom than in the book that goes with the deck?

        Three of wands, here we come 🙂

      2. Yes, I am very serious! I think this is an inspired idea – I love tarot, you are an amazing tarot reader. This is good, and we can absolutely do this.

        I have no title in mind, but I love the idea of a “Glitter Witch” deck – how much fun to bring all of the sparkle and romance of spells into a deck? Total awesomeness:) And think of the fun spreads to create…ok, I’ll set my mind in that direction, and let’s see what happens…

        Let’s starting making contacts and connections that could help and support this project. I actually know someone who is in the card printing business, so we have that on our side too.

        So exciting. In other news, life has thrown a lovely loop in my direction with prospects for new work. So bear with me while I make a few life changes, but once settled I think these new changes will allow for so much more time and energy to focus on projects like this. Such goodness coming my way – I keep remembering what you said about allowing the happiness to happen…such good advice, and I have given myself full permission to be utterly happy, and then poof, life changing amazingness:)

        Three of Wands for sure! Thank you!!!

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