1. This fella has personality! The eyes somehow give it a sense of presence and individuality, he’s a being and an entity, not just any old butterfly. Like Absolam from that newer Alice in Wonderland movie. Hello Mr. Butterfly 🙂

    1. Mr. Butterfly was found in a butterfly sanctuary hanging out on a window…injured – torn wings. Gorgeous and injured and sleeping at the moment I saw him:) He was definitely something to marvel at – I’ve honestly never seen a butterfly like him:)

      1. He is a wonder! Am glad Mr. Butterfly was in a good place to recuperate 🙂

        I was bragging you up earlier today. There is a poet and artist who does some awesome work. His “Bird of Paradise” paintinghttp://sahmataineking.com/2013/09/18/mephistopheles-and-other-random-drawings/ (scroll down the page) reminded me of you! I mentioned BloomingChakras.com to him. Don’t be surprised if you get a comment on the blog from a very talented man named Sahm King.

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