Announcing the 4th 125 Images Project: The Color and Pattern Series

After all of the darkness of the last year, I say let there be color – lots and lots of glorious, beautiful, bright, saturated, and deep color. Color that makes you dream. Color that feeds your eyes. Just color and more color and when you think there couldn’t possibly be any more color there will indeed be even more gorgeous color. And yes, after all of the darkness, and tough times, and after a great deal of thought of when and what the next project should be, I find myself wishing with all of my heart to move forward into this new year with an abundance of color and light.

And so I announce the fourth series of the 125 Images Project will feature color and pattern. The start date is February 1, and it will end on June 5. For this series, I am circling back to some color experiments I worked on in the 2nd series as a jumping off point, and I will also be going back to posting every day for the 125 days – which is going to be challenging considering my actual life, but I’m going to do it anyways. No rest for the wicked.

My goals for this series are simple: To work everyday with water and color to see what more it can do, where it can lead and to move beyond my beloved black ink. Time to open up and see what magic there is to discover on 125 sheets of paper and a whole lot of color and water. I am hoping by the end, I will have an interesting new bag of tricks, and a deeper perspective on where all of this is going.

The three experiments below are from the 2nd 125 Images Project, and were splattered, and poured some time in the Spring of 2013. I’ve posted them here so you can see which exact cliff I am flinging myself off of – haha – just kidding:) Or not… As it turns out this first image featured below has an unexpected role in Scott Putman’s new dance work for the VCU Dance Now concert coming up in February – it will be digitally manipulated and intermittently projected behind the dancers. How awesome is that? I say it’s super awesome.

To view the 3 other 125 Images Projects please click here.

An Experiment (7 of 11) – Watercolors #120
An Experiment (7 of 11) – Watercolors #120
An Experiment (10 of 11) – Watercolors #123
An Experiment (10 of 11) – Watercolors #123
An Experiment (9 of 11) – Watercolor #122
An Experiment (9 of 11) – Watercolor #122


    1. I will absolutely make note of the colors and materials. Thank you so much for your suggestion. Recently, I’ve been working with radiant watercolors from Dr. Ph Martin and so most of the work will be with those – but I’ll name the colors and color combo ratios if that would prove helpful. My best to you.

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