to find these forms and this energy for this particular space (For Scott Putman’s Tensegrity) #21 Color Sketches (Series 4)


This work was created within the 125 Images Project for Scott Putman‘s dance work titled Tensegrity, a work for all male dancers for the VCU Dance NOW concert. I took 5 process shots that Michael Jarett, lighting designer extraordinaire, animated the images to build with both the choreography and the lighting. He then projected the animated images onto a screen behind the dancers during the performance. The work above is the completed piece. Damion Bond created the beautiful costumes that inspired the colors, and of course, Scott Putman’s powerful and expressive choreography inspired the form and energy . I have not seen the work in its full performance glory (I saw a run through before creating the painting), but I am going tonight. If you are interested in going to see the talented choreographers and dancers of VCU Dance in their closing night performance, tickets can be found at Showclix –


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