FLASHback to Series 1 of the 125 Images Project #33 Bow and Arrow first published on June 21, 2012

#33 Bow and Arrow has been by far the most searched for image since the beginning of the 125 Images Project – even to this day. I think it has to do with the popularity of The Hunger Games books and movies, or maybe even The Arrow on the CW. When I drew it a few years ago, it was because my kids were really into archery at their summer camp. Anyways, as it luck would have it, I saw this image on a tattoo board on pinterest and discovered it has made the rounds on lots of tattoo boards on Pinterest. I wonder if anyone has ever gotten it as a tattoo, and if I will ever get to see it? Big questions for a Thursday, but there you go.

Be safe and warm everyone!

And if you happen to have this as a tattoo, please email me:) bloomingchakras@gmail.com

Bow and Arrow #33
Bow and Arrow #33

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