The 4th Series of the 125 Images Project featuring Color Experiments is DONE!

Well that damn nearly killed me to get through but here are all 125 paintings completed in 125 days in all of their bright and color saturated glory.  And like any great undertaking results were all over the map/psyche. See what I did there?

Some were beautiful in the creation. Some held little gems of insight in the process. Some became beautiful as they dried, and some just never quite made it. Some made me cry and some hurt. Some I didn’t understand. Some displayed my infant skills for all to see and were profoundly humbling, while others showed me to be better than I actually am. Some were joys, others were monsters, but still joys. Some led me down extraordinary paths of thought and philosophy. Others demanded a depth of self-honesty that some days seemed too large of a feat for one person.  And nothing, I mean NOTHING went as planned. Water doesn’t seem to respond to “planning.”

There were moments of effortlessness, and those moments were so enormously satisfying.

All were reflections, because water is like that. Honest, nurturing, and sometimes a bit brutal.

The learning and the process of discovery during Series 4 was a beautiful and moving experience.  My deepest thanks to Mac and Riley for putting up with all of the paint and paintings, and for helping me with the titles. Thank you to the beautiful soul who custom built a watercolor tabletop and wall thing (I don’t know what to call that!) so that I would stop staining my countertops and refrigerator. And thank you to all who provided encouragement and kept tuning in to check out the latest painting! I’m grateful and excited to move forward. My next step is to start working on the writing that will go with the 125 Images Project, and to begin pulling all of the work together. There will definitely be a 5th Series, but I need many, many naps (and cocktails!) before I am ready to conquer another 125 Mountains Images. Please stay tuned for the writings and the reflections from the past projects – lots and lots of material to rediscover. And feel free to send me cocktails. Or cupcakes. Or cocktails and cupcakes to help the restoration process along.

From a purely image driven point of view, my favorites from this series were #2, #39, #46, #59, #84, #111, and #119.

Did you have any favorites? Or any questions or comments? Ideas for Series 5? Please light up the comments section below!

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