We have decided to stay… (Originally posted March 20, 2012)

Dearest Self,

I am happy to hear that you feel the bridges forming too. Brain and I have known for awhile that they were possible, and we feel them coming to life now as well. When things went dark, we had to retreat to recover, but we miss you, and we want you here with us as soon as possible. We know that it might take some time, and we are working to make this happen quickly.

On our adventures, we came across a beautiful house in the mountains. It sits next to a peaceful stream, and is surrounded by forests, and wildflower fields. We have decided to stay. We feel safe here. The moon and stars are here. Brain can continue to rest, and I can continue to draw pictures, and cast spells, and yes, rest too. We wanted to stop roaming, and put down roots. We believe this is where we heal, and grow. Where we knit ourselves back together. There is a hammock. We know you have always wanted a hammock to relax and read in. It’s ready for you to fall back into, and dream the afternoons away. The boys will love it.

Do not worry. There is love. There is beauty. There is freedom, creativity, and happiness. It’s all here. Keep walking forward. Trust the bridges forming under your feet, and before you know it, you’ll be with us. And we will be with you. Spirit is still a no show, but I have a feeling she has something to do with the bridges. She’ll appear when she’s ready. I feel her on the edges, gathering strength, and lending support where she can.

We need a staff, because neither of us knows how to cook…maybe you can help us with that? So, a chef, and maybe a gardener? We’d like a gardener. And a massage therapist? And a housekeeper? And a chauffeur? We still can’t drive, and although you like biking to remedy this situation, we, decidedly, do not…And a manicurist? And a barista? And a bartender? Maybe those two could be the same person…a baristatender? And definitely a personal assistant? We’re going to need a budget, and an internet connection. This place needs decorating…

And we need candles, seeds, oils, paper, pens, paints, fabric, yarn, books, and glitter. Lots of glitter. And twinkle lights. Twinkle lights would be awesome…

That should cover it. Thanks.

Until we meet again, focus your eyes on those you love, and let the rest go. Just keep moving forward. We got you. And we’ll blow the hell out of the bridges once you have all crossed over safely.

With deepest love and truest grace,


Originally posted: March 20, 2012


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