1. So good to see your artwork back! Have enjoyed the dance photos you’ve put on instagram. How are the boys? And you? Looking forward to series 6 😀 Talk to you soon – Ronda

    1. Hi Ronda! I’m doing well! Lots of technology projects lately at work but I have a big summer of analog drawing planned as both restorative yet productive 🙂 Boys are great – they eat so much food! How are you? How is your family? Yes please let’s talk and catch up – maybe a Skype session this summer?

      1. That’d be great! Skype this summer world be fantastic 🙂

        Glad to hear all is well, even if it is busy. Nicole is a junior in high school so we are in the SAT College search phase of things. Branched out and stated an Etsy Shop with e-books, meditation beads, and some tangible things as well as readings so it’s all good here too.

        Thanks for staying in touch. Your glitter witch writing has always been such an inspiration too 😀

        Love to all. Talk to you soon

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