A Weekend of Superheroes, Lounging like Sloths, Water Colors, and Bike Rides

This past weekend was amazing! We did not have a single thing to do on Saturday – not a one of us. This rarely happens, and it was awesome. We spent the day in our pjs watching old Justice League cartoons, water coloring, reading, hanging out, eating, playing with legos/cars, and lounging around like sloths. […]

It’s been a year and I am still in L.O.V.E. with DIOR from 2011/2012

I’m hooked. I am still, still, still, in love with this collection from Dior Fall Winter 2011/2012. I still watch it all the time. The romance, the vixen-ness, the richness, the capes, the pantaloons, the femininity, the beauty, the boots and booties, the hats, the accessories, the KNITS…Yup, still hooked. I am less a fan […]