Series 5 of the 125 Images Project – 125 drawings in 125 days

In preparation for Series 6 of the 125 Images Project, here are all 125 drawings from Series 5 – 125 drawings in 125 days.


125 Images Project – The 2nd Series Gallery so far

So the second 125 Images Project started off a little rough, but after an oh-so glam trip to Paris with my fave cousin Jenn, I restarted the project and never looked back. What started out as portraits quickly rounded back around to symbols and images – no big surprise there. When I really asked my heart what I wanted to draw, it knew the way.

I have re-organized the project and as irony and symbolism would have it, the 2nd project actually begins with the 13th drawing. At the 125th drawing, I will start with the 12th image and work backwards to 1, essentially ending at the beginning which for this round of the project, seems appropriate…I’m behind, but I’m going to try to get them all finished in March.

The 125 Images Project – 2nd Series was supposed to end on Wednesday, March 20 which was the Spring Equinox, but with this new configuration of drawings, and I swear I did not plan it this way, it will instead end on April Fools Day – April 1, 2013. Thank you Universe. You are hilarious:)